Hi! I'm Mudkip25!

Welcome to my site!

I own an Xbox360, a Wii, a PS2, a PSP, a Nintendo DSi and my favourite, a Computer!

I love Video Games! They are really fun!!!! :D

BTW, I live with video games!

My favourites are:

Tomb Raider



Super Smash Brothers


Line Rider

Fatal Frame


I have way more favorites than these but lets just say they're my top 7!

From Time to Time, I build a Game, I use a Level Editor from a Tomb Raider Game and modify what the rooms should look like or what objects to place. I use the Next Generation Version and not the old Engine Patcher! :)

I hang around Youtube or the Tomb Raider Forums alot!

Thats Pretty Much It! Bye!!!

Lol, look at this cool thingy I found!


Pokemon Sprites @ Doll CliquePokemon Sprites @ Doll CliquePokemon Sprites @ Doll Clique

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