TRA: Time Trial Tips! 

***Note:*** This will page will talk about glitching and using cheats through levels so if you dont want to do that please leave now! Also, Wii owners like me get an extra three minutes cause of the Wii exclusive features.

Basic Helpful Glitches:

FlyBug - No this is not a PC only thing, to use it, go to a ledge where Lara's foot slides off a bit, but not too much and draw any weapon you like, Lara should now be walking on a horizontal plane and will go  up and down if directed on a wall or any geomtry with tilted collision, as long as you dont jump, holster, stop moving, get hit by an enemy or die, Lara will continue walking, there is also a trick that goes along with the bug

Roll Bugs - If you roll at slopes, Lara may be able to climb them as long as its a Back, Left or Right roll.

Checkpoint Bug - You can use check points to you're advantage here, simple do something, trigger a checkpoint and an Event may be triggered, a part of the map reloads or you can pick up multiple key items without going through the level.

Obelisk of Khamoon Bug - If you dont trigger a Checkpoint and Die in the 2nd Egypt level, you will be warped to Croft Manor.

Checkpoint Bug (Different Variation) - If you do a Back Roll against a door or anywhere around it, you can trigger the checkpoint behind it and either end the level, you can die and be warped to the checkpoint or you can save then reload to the checkpoint in which you glitched to.

Faster Movement:

Swandiving - Diving is the fast way to travel around levels, you should use it as much as you can while running.

Basic Jump - Secondary for faster travel up a slanted structure or if there isn't any space for a swandive.

Forward Roll - Good to get into crawl spaces.

Salto jump or Gun Jump - Use for instead of Basic jump travel upper sometimes and can cancel any auto grabbing or foot sliding of the ledge a little.

Left, Right and Back Rolls - use when using the Flybug


Flybug "Jump Grab" - If you do the fly bug and you holster Lara's current weapon/s and immedietley jump and grab a ledge

Swandive Saving - You can reach a ledge with a swandive.

Adrenaline Dodge - Implemented in game, use it as much as you can.

Also, Try and use cheats if you have any, that will make you go faster.

Recommended order:

Peru (Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, Lost Valley, Tomb of Qualopec)

Lost Island (Natlas Mines, Final Conflict, Great Pyramid)

Egypt (Temple of Khamoon, Sanctuary of the Scion, Obelisk of Khamoon)

Greece (Colosseum, Palace Midas, Tomb of Tihocan, St Francis Folly)

Mountain Caves:

First, Swan Dive to the small Island ledge thing on the Right and do a Roll bug on it and continue on as you would normally until the Mountain Caves Title pops up, go to the the right and do a roll on the Slope and Climb to the switch normally.

Swan Dive Until you hit the end of the path, do not go up the stairs!!! go on top of a log in the snow and jump to the upper leveled platform and go as fast as you can through the rest of the cave until the Wolf Den. Don't be afraid and swan dive there, go past the first bridge and roll bug on the left wall then continue, jump to the rope over the Bear Cave and while about to grab the rope, keep tapping the jump button and Lara will go through rope. Hurry the level normally as quick as you can with NO detours at all and swandive into the big Incan door.

City of Vilcabamba:

Jump onto the first pole and jump onto the ledge, activate the fly glitch and walk all the way until you are on top of the stairs then drop down.

Method 1, head towards the key hole, draw guns and jump onto it and swandive over the door.

Method 2, Activate the fly glitch and backwards dive against the door.

Continue the level normally from here or activate the fly glitch on stairs and use the door frame to get leverage, Go run towards the wall opposite of the building and go through the wall. from there, Get to the hallway to the next level and continue normally

Lost Valley:

Path 1, the fast way - Grab the first cog on the ledge and climb to the top of the water fall, do a Flybug and get to the final cog ledge, seal the water fall and proceed to the finish trigger.

Path 2, faster tricky way - go to the edge of the stairs very close to where you start and do a FlyBug to one of the cogs and keep doing a Back Roll until you are past the water fall.

Path 3, at the start of the level, turn behind you and quickly run back to trigger the City of Vilcabamba exit trigger instead.

Tomb of Qualopec:

Natlas Mines:

Final Conflict:

Great Pyramid:

Temple of Khamoon:

Sanctuary of the Scion:

Obelisk of Khamoon:


Palace Midas:

Tomb of Tihocan:

St Francis Folly:

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