Here is a Texturing Tutorial for the Level Editor.

Step 1 - Ensure you build you're room, It doesn't matter if you have objects in it or not.

Step 2 - Split Walls. To do so, Click on any wall and press the Floor +, Floor -, Cieling + and Cieling - Buttons to lower walls. You can also make walls turn diagonally. If you are using the Next Generation Editor, You can go to

Shapes > Grid All Walls or Grid Selected Wall

Step 3 - Once you're done Splitting, Click "Face Edit" and click on a loaded texture and click again on a selected wall. You can right click to rotate and you can flip a texture while holding down Ctrl. You can also use the "Big Texture" Button if you have NG

Step 4 - Looking for Mistakes and Lighting! When done with Texturing, You will wan't to get every visible spot textured, If you are done, do some Lighting!

Lighting is very Crucial to a level and its textures so match light and textures together like a blueish ambience with water textures and not a pink ambience with grass textures unless someone gassed you're level ;P

Enjoy! :D

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